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Meir Perez is one of today's most respected drummers on the worldwide scene. Meir's long list of credits include numerous TV show, concerts in worldwide venues with name acts and studio recordings.

Born in Israel, Meir has been influenced by many different world music styles.

Meir started his career in Tel Aviv, Israel after studying drums with Aralie Kaminsky(formerly with Manhattan Transfer). He began performing with TV and Recording Stars landing him the respect of musicians in all genres of music.

After coming to the US, Meir retained his high standard of musicianship and continued to learn from greats such as George Lawrence, Gary Chester and Jim Chapin.

Meir is also a published author of two groundbreaking drum books called New Creations, Combinations for the Modern Drummer and New Creations, Mastering the Grooves for the Modern Drummer.

Meir Perez is a well established and professional drummer for all styles of music.

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